Outdoor range in Crete event
This course is focused on developing tactical shooting skills to safely mitigate an active shooter incident. Case studies of active shooter incidents will be discussed, focusing on lessons learned. Skills such as safe weapons handling, using cover properly, and surgical shooting will be presented. Students will also be placed in decision making and target discrimination scenarios.
Equipment Required: Ammunition: 350 rds.
Pistol with holster 3 magazines Magazine pouch
Wrap around ballistic eye protection Ear protection Optional: Gloves, Knee pads, hot coffee
COST : $195.00
DATE : November 18, 2018
TIME : 0900-1600
WHERE: The Compound 25414 S. State St. Crete,
HOW: Sign up with Nick or Chris @ Shore GalleriesInstructor: Pete Milionis
This is a semi private class