To address the concerns of some local Rabbis and congregants, CCL Shul Members is implementing a rigorous vetting and training program.  Our Magen US program is in addition to the 16 hour licensing training required by The State of Illinois.

After consulting with local Rabbis, elected officials, security contractors, and firearms instructors, we created the Magen US program.  This program allows an authorized synagogue representative to recommend an applicant to be vetted.  The vetting process is overseen by Embassy Security Group, an independent contractor.

The vetting process includes verifying current licensing, FBI/State fingerprint background check, initial, yearly, and random drug testing, psychological testing, signing a no alcohol usage agreement while serving in this capacity, and a one million dollar concealed carry insurance policy.

Once a candidate passes the vetting process and successfully completes the first range session, the candidate is conditionally accepted for the first year while they earn their full certification.  The training includes 6 hours quarterly with an additional day training at the candidate’s synagogue.

We are very fortunate to be able to train with the top Illinois Police Trainers from DAVAD Civilian Defence.  We are confident that this will address the concerns of some community members and will produce very competent volunteers.

Unfortunately, times have changed and we need to adapt to this new reality.  With the average Police response time being 3-5 minutes, the congregants become the First Responders.  When seconds count the Police are only minutes away.

The sad reality is the only person that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. 

We thank you for your support,

CCL Shul Members