This course is focused on the new shooter who has received their Conceal Carry License. This class introduces them to the principles of using a handgun for personal defense and exceeds the requirements set forth by the Illinois State Police (ISP).

All aspects of safety are addressed as well as safe storage. Proper handgun selection and equipment are analyzed, and a wide array of selections are available to the student to make the best possible selection for their individual needs even if they already have purchased their equipment. Fundamentals of marksmanship are stressed, and each student will receive coaching in these areas if needed. Dry fire and live fire drills are designed to complement each other, and the student will build on each exercise and will easily pass the qualification mandated by ISP. The correct and safe technique for drawing the pistol from a holster and concealment will be practiced and alternative techniques shown.

This class will focus on the mechanics of shooting and mastering the correct fundamentals; however, the student will be introduced to the three fundamental pillars of defensive firearms use that we teach. We base our training on a holistic approach by not only teaching the mechanical learned skills of firearm manipulation, but also introducing the student to importance of mental conditioning,  a tactical thought process, and how important this concept is when under stress or pressure.  The legal aspects of using a firearm for defense are as important as the other principles, and this aspect is taught in some scenario based exercises. This block of instruction forms the basis of principles that will be expanded upon in all our intermediate and advanced offerings whether it be handgun, carbine or shotgun.

Equipment needed.

Handgun, correct holster for the type of weapon, and stiff belt. At least 350 rounds of ammunition; however, students are encouraged to bring more if they are able to. If you are using a semi-automatic pistol, a minimum of 2 magazines is required but preferably.

Ear and eye protection are mandatory.

This class will be at the outdoor range in Crete IL. Rain or shine. 9 AM-5 PM