Since Illinois concealed carry act was passed in 2013, an increasing number of individuals are taking it upon themselves to exercise their second amendment right to keep and bear arms by protecting themselves and their families in accordance with local law.

In light of the current world and local events, it has become clear that we also need to act to keep our Synagogues safe from violent threats as well.  These responsibilities are taken very seriously.

It was soon discovered that the requirements for the concealed carry license are very minimal at best.  There was a great need to obtain additional training.

This is where CCL Shul Members stepped in.  We saw the need for consistent, leveled, quality firearms training.  We were founded to provide multi-level standardized training to our participants.  Standardized training has the distinct advantage of making sure we are all on the same page.  We are very fortunate to have the State’s top Police and SWAT trainers providing us high-quality training.

We also train at an outdoor range in the summer.  Training outdoors gives us the opportunity to dynamically train under various environmental and weather conditions.

We meet every other month for our Shoot Nash and Shmooze event.  This is a great opportunity for us to meet, socialize, nosh and learn from our guest speakers, and of course, sharpen our shooting skills at the range.

We are an NRA and ISRA affiliated club.  Our tag line of “Promote Safety, Provide support, Educate and Train” says it all.