CQC- Close Quarters Combat

According to FBI stats, a vast majority of shootings happen in less than 7 yards.

Have you trained for this?

This course is designed to develop tactical handgun skills in close-quarter engagements. Shooting fundamentals along with reflexive skills needed to deploy the pistol in an armed encounter at conversation distance will be stressed throughout the training.

Topics Covered: Safety, Ready Positions, Contact Shooting Techniques, Failure Drills

Equipment Required:
Semi-Auto Pistol (9mm minimum)
Ammunition 250 rounds
Holster (outside the waistband, kydex type, straight drop)
Minimum 3 magazines
Magazine holder
Clear wraparound ballistic eye protection
Ear protection
No pancake, cross-draw or appendix-carry holster

Thursday, Sept 19th 6:30-9:00 PM (6:15 signup)
Caliber Range 3059 Washington St. Waukegan, IL
Instructor: Pete Milionis


Active Shooter Responder- SUNDAY AUGUST 25th

This course is focused on developing tactical shooting skills to safely mitigate an active shooter incident. Case studies of active shooter incidents will be discussed, focusing on lessons learned. Skills such as safe weapons handling, using cover properly, and surgical shooting will be presented. Students will also be placed in decision making and target discrimination scenarios.

Equipment Required:
Ammunition: 350 rds.
Pistol with holster
3 magazines
Magazine pouch
Wrap around ballistic eye protection
Ear protection
Gloves, Knee pads

COST: $225
Sign up at the link below: