Nov, 9th 2018

We are profoundly saddened by the mass shooting at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa. last Shabbat.  The Kehila attended shul that morning to observe Shabbat as Jews have done for generations.  Instead of leaving shul with a sense of fulfillment, they left in tears and horror as a result of a terrorist attack.

To add insult to injury, we have seen a shameful display of people and organizations dancing in the blood of the victims to further their own agendas.  President Trump came to Pittsburgh to pay respect to the victims and we saw petitions and  demonstrations against him.  Pittsburgh’s own mayor went so far as to say that The President’s proposal to have armed guards in houses of worship is not the solution.  Would the mayor prefer that we counsel the attacker?  Why doesn’t The Mayor take his own advice and disarm his own bodyguards?

This horrific act could have been prevented or at least minimized had there been an armed guard and armed congregants who are licensed and trained in the use of firearms.  How many more people have to die before we stop disarming the very people who could prevent a madman from taking innocent lives?

“Guns Not Allowed” signs at the entrance serve only to assure an armed attacker that he can safely kill innocents.  CCL Shul Members promotes safety by offering firearms training, education and support.

Don’t wait for the next attack.  Prepare for it.

Britt Reed
Editor of Magen Yisrael
The publication of CCL Shul Members
An organization dedicated to Promote Safety, Provide Support, Educate & Train