Once again we are horrified that a Kosher business establishment has been targeted by terrorists.  The Jersey City, New Jersey attack involved a male terrorist and female terrorist who specifically were out to kill Jews.  The pair murdered a police officer on their way to kill Jews at a Kosher establishment.  The terrorists then murdered 3 innocent victims and were in a standoff with police that lasted for hours.  Two other police officers were shot in the turmoil.

Think for a moment, what would you do if you were a patron in a store or you are in a synagogue that came under terrorist attack?

  • Tell the shooter that this is a hate-free zone?
  • Remind the shooter that this is a gun-free zone?
  • Send an instant message to your legislator to pass more anti-gun laws?
  • Call the police and wait patiently for them to arrive and stop the slaughter?
  • Stop the threat immediately by shooting him with a legally authorized firearm that you are legally carrying and trained to use?

How many more times do we have to experience these horrific events before we take some meaningful action to make the attack too costly to the terrorists?

Ask yourself now, what would you do?

Thankfully, here in Chicago, we already have an organization that has over 150 members that continuously train with top security and training professionals to safeguard our shuls by hardening their security.  CCLShul has multiple programs to help anyone that has their concealed carry license to be able to use their training safely and effectively.

To learn more about this amazing organization, click here: cclshulmembers.org 

We have ongoing training programs for every skill level from beginner to advanced.  We have regular meetings where we invite security professionals to speak, and we discuss shul related safety concerns.

Whether you haven’t started shooting yet, or are a seasoned professional, come to one of our meetings.  You will be glad that you did.

Below is a flyer that was published in the Chicagoland area.  We have provided a link to our web site where you can download this flyer and print it for your synagogue.