Basic Pistol #101

This course is designed for the new Concealed Carry Licensee or someone who wants to refresh their basic shooting skills. Whether it is for self defense or competition the core fundamentals of shooting are the same. Being able to deploy a gun in self defense efficiently requires repetitive training. This is the class to begin with on that path to successfully win in an armed encounter.

Class will start out with the safety rules and a review of the shooting fundamentals. Students will practice gun handling skills such as loading, unloading, and clearing malfunctions through dry fire in the classroom before moving to live fire on the range.

Deploying the weapon from the holster will also be covered in detail.


  • Ammunition 200 rounds
  • Semi-automatic pistol 9mm or larger with 3 magazines. We do not allow pocket type pistols such as SIg 938 , Ruger LC9,  Keltec P-11, or similar.
  • Holster belt mounted, kydex type, straight cant.
  • Magazine holder
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Baseball type cap

All equipment required for class can be purchased or rented at the store. We recommend you stop in and speak with one of our associates if you have any questions.



Class A. Introduction to Tactical Pistol
Class B. Pistol Operations and Readiness
Class C.Tactical Deployment of the Pistol


Class A. Vertical & Horizontal Displacement Techniques
Class B. Utilizing and Engaging from Cover
Class C. Shooting While Moving


Class A. Single Handed Operation of the Pistol
Class B. Low Light Shooting #101
Class C. Close Quarter Tactics

This class will incorporate all the techniques from Intermediate Handgun 1 and 2 and will add more advanced techniques related to defensive handgun use.

Equipment needed: Same as Intermediate Handgun 1

Once again, a refresher on the fundamentals of marksmanship and a student evaluation are conducted.  Skills development is a major objective, and more challenging exercises are presented to the student.

Topics covered:

  • Refresher on fundamentals
  • Alternate hand shooting and reloading techniques
  • Multiple threat engagement
  • Shooting while moving, additional exercises
  • Tactical use of cover, use of different shooting angles
  • Shooting at moving targets, different techniques

Introduction to close proximity shooting and demonstration of different techniques.