Daniel J. Lombard
Chief Instructor

Daniel served as a Police Officer in South Africa and was actively involved with firearms training both for civilians and law enforcement. As a competitor in national International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) shooting competitions, he achieved the distinguished honor of provincial colors for Natal. Daniel continued his law enforcement career when he emigrated to the United States and joined the Chicago Police Department where he is and has been serving for over 12 years; nine of which were spent on the Gang Unit where he was responsible for the planning and execution for over 100 high-risk search warrants.

Daniel is a graduate firearms instructor from the United States Secret Service Academy and has been an assistant instructor with Spartan Tactical Training Group as well as the Hollow Training Center. He has presented training programs with the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) as well as the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) and the Alabama Tactical Officers Association (ATOA).

Additionally, Daniel is a consultant for DS Arms where he is active in product development and is responsible for product presentation and demonstrations at foreign military shows.

Instructor Certifications:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigations Ballistic Shield Instructor
  • Secret Service Academy Firearms Instructor Training Course
  • Strategeos International, Inc. – Response to the Active Shooter Instructor Course
  • Officer Survival in low light instructor Course
  • Sioux City Police Department Regional Training Center Active Shooter Instructor Course
  • Low light Shooting Instructor Course
  • Simunition Instructor and Safety Supervisor Course
  • State of Illinois Firearms Instructor
  • NRA Pistol Instructor

Training Certifications:

  • Advanced pistol 1, 2, 3
  • Dynamic Room Entry
  • Defensive Duty Knife 1
  • Emergency Medical Response for Firearms Instructors
  • Using cover while moving and shooting
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations Officer Survival and Safety School
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations Sniper School
  • South African Police Basic SWAT Course, Patrol Rifle Course
  • National Firearms Training Association of South Africa Intermediate Handgun Course
  • Chuck Taylor –Advanced Handgun Skills Course
  • Rob Leatham – Advanced Handgun Skills Course
  • Tactical Security Solutions International – Extreme Close Quarter Battle Training for the Police Officer.
  • Snipercraft – Police Sniper Course
  • Hollow Training Center – Precision Rifle Course
  • Paul Howe – Patrol Carbine Class.
  • Spartan Tactical Training Group

Armorer Certifications:

  • Colt AR15/M16/M4 Rifles
  • DS Arms FAL and AR15 Rifles
  • Beretta 92, 96 and Cougar Pistols
  • Remington 870 Shotgun
  • Benelli M4 Shotgun
  • Glock Pistol

Pete Milionis
Senior Instructor

Pete is a recently retired Chicago Police Officer with more than 15-years of experience, including serving as the primary firearms/carbine instructor for the S.W.A.T. team for the past 10-years. Milionis is also a full-time operational member of the team, serving as an element leader in the execution of Hostage Rescue/Barricaded Subjects and High-Risk Search Warrants. He currently serves as a subject matter expert and lead instructor for the U.S. State Department Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program in the training of high threat protection details responsible for the protection of national leaders.


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Lucas Wise
Senior Instructor

Lucas is a police officer with the Chicago Police Department and has over 10 years of experience in law enforcement. He has served as a patrol officer in the 7th & 18th districts and as a tactical team officer in the 18th district. He currently serves as a Field Training Officer (FTO) where he trains and evaluates probationary police officers and teaches them how to work the street.

Lucas is also a Master-at-Arms in the U.S. Navy with over 17 years of distinguished service between Active and Reserve tours of duty.

He has performed anti-terrorism / force protection duties onboard ships at sea, at naval shore installations and has worked harbor defense details and seaward security details in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

He has also served as weapons department training Petty Officer for Inshore Boat Unit 21, where he delivered small arms, crew served weapons and marksmanship training for Navy Expeditionary Security Forces.

During this period, Lucas also attended the U.S. Army Combat Lifesaver Course, where he learned the fundamentals of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) system.

Lucas is also a graduate firearms instructor from the University of Illinois Police Training Institute and is a National Registry Emergency Medical Technician.

Lucas has presented classes with the following national and international law enforcement training associations and organizations:

  • International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association (ILEETA)
  • Action Target – Advanced Law Enforcement Training Camp (LETC)
  • Georgia Tactical Officers Association (GTOA)


  • State of Illinois – ILETSB Certified
    Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
  • University of Illinois – Police Training Institute 
    Police Firearms Instructor Course # 2828
  • Illinois Department of Professional Regulation
    Registered Firearms Instructor
  • Simunition / SNC, Inc.
    Instructor and Safety Supervisor Course
  • U.S. Navy Journeyman Instructor Course


  • State of Illinois – ILETSB Certified
    Law Enforcement Officer Certification
    Field Training Officer (FTO) Certification 
  • Chicago Police Department
    Terrorism Awareness and Response Academy 
    Line Officer Medical Emergency Response Training
    Field Training Officer (FTO) Training Program 
    Mobile Field Force Operations Course 
    Carbine Operator Course
  • Spartan Tactical Training Group
    Advanced Pistol 1: Developing Reflexive Gun-handling Skills
    Advanced Pistol 2: Rapid Deployment Handgun Operator Course
    Advanced Pistol 3: Speed on Steel 
    M-16 / M-4 Rifle Operator Certification Course
    2-day Advanced Tactical Pistol Course
    2-day Advanced Tactical Rifle Course
    Rapid Deployment Patrol Rifle Course 
    Introduction to Dynamic Room Entry Course 
    Emergency Self-aid / Buddy-Aid for Trauma Injuries Course 
    Emergency Medical Response for Firearms Instructors
  • Bank Miller – High Performance Handgun Course
  • Safariland Shooting School – Advanced Practical Handgun Course
  • U.S. Navy Training Courses
    Regional Operations Center – Operations Course
    Crew Served Weapons Operations & Maintenance Course
    80-hour Law Enforcement – Phase 1 Course
    Naval Ammunition Drivers Course


  • Glock – Law Enforcement Pistol Line
  • Sigarms – Law Enforcement Pistol Line

Carmi Lawrence
Director of Training

For the last 25 years, Carmi Lawrence has been studying and teaching modern pistolcraft to armed professionals. Starting his firearms career in northern Arizona, Carmi had the opportunity to train with professionals at the epicenter of the modern pistolcraft movement, including instructors from Jeff Cooper’s Gunsite Academy, Chuck Taylor’s American Small Arms Academy and the NRA’s Law Enforcement Activities Division. Upon returning to Chicago, Carmi worked as a law enforcement firearms instructor, private detective, corporate security director and government contractor. In 2003 he formed a Chicago-based firm providing security consulting, investigative and training services to government agencies, corporations and foreign diplomatic personnel. Carmi has provided counter-terrorism consulting to 14 foreign consulates in Chicago, as well as firearms training to U.S. and foreign law enforcement, active military & private civilian contractor personnel.

-Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CAS), Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board
-Board Certified in Security Management, American Society for Industrial Security (A.S.I.S. International) Certified Protection Professional, (CPP)
-Certified Private Security and Private Detective Firearms Instructor, Illinois Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation
-N.R.A. Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor- Handgun/Shotgun, Patrol Rifle/AR-15, and Tactical Shooting Instructor
-Illinois State Police Certified Concealed Carry Instructor
-Licensed Class “A” Private Detective, State of Illinois and Wisconsin

CNN, CNBC, WGN Morning News, Chicago Tribune, The Daily Herald, PI Magazine, FOX News.com, Lifetime TV, Forbes.com, Worth Magazine, Bloomberg Radio, Sky Radio, and “Viewpoints” nationally syndicated radio show.

-Advanced Pistol Techniques for the Patrol Officer, Jon Krupa / Spartan Tactical
-Advanced Tactical Handgun, Chuck Taylor / American Small Arms Academy
-Tactical Operations, Hulsey & Associates / The Police Marksman
-Deadly Force and the Police Officer, Northwestern University Traffic Institute
-Advanced Tactical Pistol II, Corbon Law Enforcement Training Academy
-FATS Firearms Training Simulator, FBI Regional Training Facility
-Force on Force Simulation Instructor Certification, MLEFIAA / POSA
-Low-Light Instructor Certification Training, Ed Santos / Tactical Services Group
-Edged Weapon Defense Instructor Certification, Tactical Training Associates
-Tactical Operations Specialist, Brian Smith / Metropolitan Police Self-Defense Institute
-Survival Shooting Tactics, Brian Smith / Midwest Tactical Training Institute
-Executive / VIP Protection, Executive Protection Institute
-Certified Armorer, Glock Inc

Carmi has served as a Vice Chairman and Chairman for the ASIS International Chicago-North Shore Chapter, and serves as a Security Coordinator for several area Synagogues, Jewish schools and charitable organizations.


Hiam “Chiam” Naiditch

Chiam has a strong passion for training and holds 7 Flight Instructor Certificates. His former career as a Commercial Airline Pilot, Chief Flight Instructor, Chief Pilot and Member of the FAA Safety Team shapes his commitment to safety and instruction.

Chiam takes the aviation motto of always learning, and incorporates it into his shooting and instructing skills.


State of Illinois Concealed Cary License
State of Illinois Original Firearms Training License
Illinois State Police Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
NRA Certified Rifle Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

CERT- Community Emergency Response Team member

Skokie Citizens Police Academy Graduate